Posts Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new blog!

This is my new blog, set up with GitHub Pages and Jekyll.

This was on my plan for a long time, and finally I found some time to research and fix this. I want simple and basic platform, where I can focus all my energy into writing content, and not dealing with various technical/design details. The other platforms (e.g. Wordpress) served me well for years (or not?), but, I think it’s time for changes and time to simplify the matter even further.

Objectives and expectations

While I was trying to find an alternative platform for blogging, first and foremost I clearly defined my objectives.

  • It should be simple and clean
  • It should contain only articles. I do not want any side content anymore. No tweet feeds, no any additional content.
  • I’m already familiar with markdown syntax. I want to write the articles in the form of .md files
  • The content should reside on a git repository. GitHub is my preferred choice.
  • The repository not necessarily should be private, even better, let it be a public one.
  • I want to write an article, save it as a markdown file, and push it to a git repository.
  • Prefer to host the repository on GitHub. It will act as a CMS, and I can write content directly from the web.

After a quick research, I found that there are plenty of options that fit these requirements. But, I found that GitHub Pages is quite appealing platform. It has built-in support for Jekyll, which is a static web site generator. GH Pages is already integrated with GitHub repositories (obviously), and on top of that there is an option to set-up a custom domain for your blog (the default assigned url is

All I had to do is find a simple/clean template, and spend couple of hours to finish this setup. And here it is!

In the next article, I’ll try to provide step-by-step tutorial on how to setup your own blog in the same way.


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